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Our Mission

Mission Statement:  We will provide the highest quality of service and maintain a local convenience.  We will be your lawn care provider for life.  We will offer prompt issue resolution.  We will Do It Right The First Time!

Hello, I am Chad Snyder.  I manage and own SNYDER Landscaping & Lawn Care LLC.  I unexpectedly started my business many years ago as a young kid.  I grew up in a little town in Southeast Iowa near Ottumwa.  I always loved to be outside working in the yard or helping on the farm.  My parents farmed over 500 acres in 1988 so there was always plenty to do.  I mowed our acreage every chance I got using an old Snapper riding lawn mower. 

It wasn't until 1990 when I started to mow other folks yards for money so I could buy my first car.  By this time my parents had purchased a new John Deere riding lawn mower.  I drove the mower 1/4 of a mile into a town of 20 houses while holding a John Deere weed whacker on my lap.  I mowed on residential lawn for $20.00 every two weeks along with a one room community building and utility building for $12.00 every two weeks.

Throughout more of my younger years I was active in the local 4-H club where I competed in gardening, artwork, rabbits, and sheep.  I helped my mom and dad landscape our new home over a period of many years.  I took ownership over a newly planted Redbud tree and I looked forward to showing my two brothers how my tree was growing bigger and faster than their trees.  My mom designed detailed drawings with intricate plans for our garden each year in which she expected us to help plant, maintain, and eventually harvest.  Through ongoing years we planted and cared for over 1,500 pine tree seedlings amongst our home and farms.

As I grew older I found other interests while leaving myself wondering what I wanted to do when I got older.  I helped with odd landscaping jobs here and there for several years up until 2001 when I moved to Mitchellville, Iowa.  It was then when I started to decide what direction I wanted to go.  During my travels up to now I worked for a professional landscaping company in Pekin, Illinois.  I worked in the retail industry for over 12 years.  Both types of jobs have taught me many different aspects of people, cultures, lifestyles, personalities, and attitudes.  Which is a major key to the success and dedication of
SNYDER Landscaping & Lawn Care LLC.  

I love producing artwork with the lay of the land and watching the smile on peoples face as they come home and see what used to be a weed, is now a beautiful green landscape.  Many folks do not have the time nor the motivation to care for their lawn as much as they would like.  This is great for me because I absolutely love doing it! 

My business and relationships are growing stronger as the years pass thanks to all customers, employees, friends, and family's loyalty and belief in SNYDER Landscaping & Lawn Care LLC
.  Thank you once again.  Please call or email if you have any questions or concerns.  I want your feedback.  My personal mission statement is:  Do it right the first time.  If you are not happy I want to know about it and I will personally attempt to resolve the issue.

A special thank you to these people for helping
SNYDER Landscaping & Lawn Care LLC become what it is today!

My Mom:
  For teaching me how to manage my personal and financial affairs in the most efficient and effective ways.  For showing me how to be organized and show respect for all.  For being there through all life's battles.

My Dad:  For complaining about me always using his equipment while teaching me to have the greatest respect for other people's property.

My Brother Kevin:  For always being bigger and stronger than me, which in turn made me strive to be better and smarter.  For always making me realize there are two sides to everything.

My Brother Nathan:  For helping me with multiple jobs and always looking up to me in an unspoken voice and believing in me.

My Daughter Lauryn:  For reminding me every day why I am here while constantly giving me emotional and physical support.  For carrying more bricks, pushing more little wheelbarrows of dirt and rock, scooping more snow, working on more equipment, doing more paperwork, asking more questions, and being there more than any young girls could ever do!

My motivation for running SNYDER Landscaping & Lawn Care LLC as an Affordable Quality/Local Convenience Lawn Care company is dedicated to all my Family, Friends, Customers, Community, and to raise the bar for the competition.  Thank-You for you support and loyalty.

Chad Snyder
SNYDER Landscaping & Lawn Care LLC

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